“One works. One looks around. One meets people. But very little communication takes place… That is the nature of this little island.”

As five apparently unrelated characters meet in a seemingly insignificant garden, the autumnal sun shines overhead and everybody waits for rain. What they discuss is superficially anything that can pass the time. What is portrayed is the very essence of England, Englishness, class, unfulfilled ambition, loves lost, and homes that no longer exist.

Storey’s timeless play is a beautiful, compassionate, tragic and darkly funny study of the human mind and a once-great nation coming to terms with its new place in the world.


Writer David Storey
Director: Amelia Sears
Designer: Naomi Dawson
Lighting Designer: Richard Howell
Sound Designer: Tom Gibbons
Producers: Alex Waldmann, Francesca Moody, and Laura Jane Zielinska for SEArED Productions

Joseph Arkley
Linda Broughton
Paul Copley
Tessa Peake-Jones
Jack Shepherd


“This excellent, intimate in-the-round production by SEArED shows how well Home has stood the test of time, a small masterpiece in minor key” ★★★★ Exeunt Magazine

“David Storey’s conversational meditation on ageing and sanity proves a vehicle for some fine acting in this intimate revival” The Times

“An affectionate, intelligently acted revival- an apt celebration of Storey” The Evening Standard

“Handsomely acted revival…deeply ambiguous, elegiac…terrifically funny” ★★★★ The Metro

“Amelia Sears’ heartfelt production” ★★★★ The Sunday Times

“An admirable revival…Storey’s play remains a work of haunting, elegiac power.” The Guardian

“Sears’s finely modulated production transmits a keen sense of the aching regret in this poetic and deeply humane piece” The Independent

“Amelia Sears’s fine, beautifully acted production” Timeout


Arcola Theatre 2013